A Muslim is full of values..

Friends in Islam are Sisters, they love each other and respect each other.. Sharing and helping each other is one of the great values in Islam..

Here’s a muslim learning Quran and about Islam from his mother.. This is another great value of the Muslims..

When a Muslim is sick.. we go and visit him and ask Allah to cure him, and make him feel better.. Visiting the sick friend is a very nice Islamic Value..

When a Muslim friend dies, we go visit his grave and recite Quran for him and he will benefit.. This is also a good Islamic Value..

Muslim go to Masjid, whish is Mosque to pray salat all together side by side..

Muslims pray together, they show unity by following each other.. That’s a great Value of Muslims..

Our mom teach us how to ask Allah to make us good Muslims.. Making du’a after salat is another value..

We make duaa after salat..

Muslims go to this beautifull place and make Hajj.. One of the most beautifull values of Islam..