I know you more, but you know me little

Nice to see you again in a little time last day
Realizing that we had a long time no see
Now, I see you have a lot of changing
Your position makes you as more strength man with the power you have

Thanks for coming to my life
You have to know that you’ll be my inspiration
Your integrity, your leading, your way to keep my smile, your achievement, and others
What many things you’ve given to me to change me be a strength woman
More and more I know who you are, that it makes me admire you

Neither phsysically nor powerfull of you
The reasoning is because of beautiful inside of you
I love the way you teach me how to be a better person indirectly
Just modelling what you’ve done, I’ve got the best lesson from you

I wanna say many thanks for everything you gave to me
Thanks for giving me a chance to know you more than others
Thanks for becoming my partner and my skill’s teacher
Thanks for keeping smile when I was tired
Thanks for lesson that we have to be the best muslim that God loves
Thanks for becoming my inspiration to go through in God Ways, da’wah
Thanks for giving me strength to become a true ‘akhwat’
And for something that I’ve never forgot.. Thanks for that ‘gift’, it was nice